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Vol 1, No 5, May/June 2016

Vol 1, No 5, May/June 2016 2

In this issue, we feature the Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice along Alhaji Masha Rd. Like most people, I would pass it and vaguely think I should try and ’do’

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Adeniran Ogunsanya 2

The popular Adeniran Ogunsanya Street commemorates the life and pioneering achievements of the nationalist, lawyer and politician. It ought to. He played a decisive role in its conception and evolution

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Sanne and the Chocolate Factory 2

Help, the Dutch are coming! In the last few issues we featured Femke van Zeijl. Particularly well received was her article on her search for the perfect akara in our

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Boxing Hall of Fame 0

  Boxing as a sport has brought Nigeria much glory, considering the heroics of the late Hogan ’Kid’ Bassey and Dick Tiger in the late 1950s and early 1960s (see

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Missing Home 1

On a recent visit to her country of birth, Femke Van Zeijl reminisces about what she misses about Surulere – and what she doesn’t. I figured a pocket-sized shaker with

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Suffer the Little Children: Hearts of Gold 0

Surulere Now! visited the Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice at Plot 75 Alhaju Masha Rd, Onilegogoro. Founded by Mrs Laja Adedoyin on 2 October 2003, it was first located at

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